Physical Therapy

Probably the most familiar of all therapies, physical therapy provides many benefits to those who may require these services on their road to recovery. In addition to gait-training, strengthening and ambulation exercises, physical therapists also work with their clients to help them with balancing skills and a range of motion exercises. Physical therapy is also beneficial to individuals needing care following a stroke, a joint replacement or a broken bone.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy is one of the most important therapies offered to any individual who has suffered a stroke or other medical condition that has caused a loss in the function of daily activities. Occupational therapists specialize in such areas as retraining individuals in grooming, dressing, transfers and fine motor skills that we normally take for granted. Another specialty area of Occupational Therapy is the treatment of contractures of the extremities with specialized splints designed to lessen or prevent their disabling effects.

Speech Therapy

The most obvious service provided by a speech language pathologist is to help an individual improve communication. Speech Therapy focuses on receptive language, or the ability to understand words spoken to you, and expressive language, or the ability to use words to express yourself. It also deals with the mechanics of producing words, such as articulation, pitch, fluency, and volume. Speech therapy is also beneficial to those who need to improve swallowing functions to sustain adequate oral nutrition.